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The Leica T for that matter uses custom T mounts, so it won't be backward compatible with any of the other Leica lenses on the market. It would only be be appropriate that Leica found a way to squeeze more money from a user with this US$1,850 body designed specifically for a point and shoot photographer.
@dillionk Depends on your usage. As an all rounder, casual shooter I think it rocks. As a professional piece of equipment, only the higher spec mirrorless cameras will qualify. @strawberrychip The DSLR has an auto mode, just like a point and shoot, so no worries about learning how to use it. The problem is as you have described, it is just too big to carry around if you're just shooting for fun. For that, i think the iPhone will do the trick.
@strawberrychip Ah well, unless you know about cameras, the Leica brand name has been around for 100 years. The make the best lenses in the world if you asked me, I had owned one of their M lenses. But to be fair, buying a Leica like the T series is a bit of a gamble. All electronics will fail one day and with that, your camera isn't going to be worth much. Leica limited edition digital cameras appreciate in value over the years but the normal ones will not. Leica has fantastic imaging properties in good light but you can probably get the same result by buying a MFT Olympus Pen or Panasonic G series with an M mount lens and fitting a Leica lens on it. The color is outstanding. No post production photoshopping is ever needed.
@Benard I guess my only hesitation in purchasing a DSLR is that... #1. It's soo heavy to carry around 2. I don't know how to use it :(
Just another beautiful Leica :) @Benard I've been keeping my eye on the mirror-less DSLRs for a little while now....what's your thoughts on the technology?
@imliz Yup, think Prada and Louis Vitton of the Camera world, Leica is it. @strawberrychip Generally the camera is decent, but don't expect it to be a DSLR killer even though it has a bokeh feature to blur backgrounds.
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