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British artist Sue Austin has been using a wheelchair for nearly two decades and has been trying to fight back the negative stigma people have about individuals in wheelchairs. She refused to accept what other's believed limited her, held her back and immobilized her; being in a wheelchair. Austin became involved in diving in 2005 and proposed the idea of diving in a wheelchair. Of course she faced backlash over her suggestion, but with the help of engineers, dive experts, academics and funding her vision to dive in wheelchair was achieved. @teamwaffles Thought you might enjoy this.
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I love the photos of her in the water stretching her arms out.. She looks so free.
@sjeanyoon all the photos are so amazing and you are right.. even looking at the photo make me feel so free too :)
@jackjb This is awesome! Reminds me of a pro surfer I met who was paralyzed from the waist down, but continued to surf on his stomach. I am always blown away by what people can achieve despite their disabilities.
@teamwaffles It is amazing what people can do.
@jackjb I couldn't agree more :)