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An innovative design by Dutch designer Mieke Meijer; not only does this function as a staircase but also provides a desk and storage space. It is made out of oak and black steel; one section starts on the ground floor and the second section comes from the upper floor. (Designer homepage:
@CohlEllis That would be the most dangerous idea of all!!
Being drunk in that house is not a good idea
@JulieHafford It definitely isn't the most practical of designs, but you're right I think it could be modified to be smaller and more useable, while still having a really unique look!
Perhaps if they were of normal height, they wouldn't look so scary to climb. I can sometimes understand foregoing practicality for ascetics and space, but these could have been done to fit the smaller area. However, I do think they are a great feature. I could see myself covering the side steps with books, maybe even making my own little maze to go up stairs.
fun and good~
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