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This was the second of Volkswagen's 'Fun Theory' projects! During the busy time of time, people always seem to take the escalator: why? How can we get more people to take the stairs? With this kind of idea, this project was formed! It seems that fun really does tempt people into taking the stairs instead :)
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i think I would just run up and down the stairs for like an hour or something!~ hahaha @cheerfulcallie @mrjockx wanna run with me?
@ameliasantos10 LOL. I would definitely take the stairs if all stairs we like this!
we can do the scene from big" idk if you are old enough or not to know that movie" but if not ill teach lol
@ameliasantos10 forgot to tag you in my reply lol
@mrjockx i feel like i vaguely remember it in my head! hahahah and well at least you managed to tag me in another comment!