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One of the scene in AGD episode 13 is Kim haneul removing her leg hair . When she found out that Dojin was also in the same room, she pretend she was drying her hair. If you look at the machine, it's actually looks like a hair dryer. This machine is one of the newest machine in korea, A home used laser machine to remove hair. That should sell out fast after this.
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i wanna have one :p
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lol this scene was really funny. i think i want that machine too
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Hi There! I just joined.. but I wanted to let you know that I actually found the website who is selling the dryer.. its actually about 395.. but not sure if it will really work... It looks like the website is located in canada.. but the product is sold... take a look! http://www.triabeauty.com/home-laser-hair-removal
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This scene showed the kawaii side of Yisoo.
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