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@onesmile like i think this outfit totally catches people's attention but it's what kind of attention we want from people hahaha it's like do you want the "why are you wearing your dad's clothes?" or "oh hey i am loving your outfit" look!
@strawberrychip @ameliasantos10 okay fine no suspenders :P. but I agree, the look does need something to match with the vintage pieces to keep it looking stylish
@strawberrychip @onesmile please my dearies let's not add suspenders to the picture ahhah i mean i think suspenders are cute but i might have to reconsider if it goes with a high waisted pants and @cityofkyle i mean these days the vintage looks are in so i think highwaisted can be pretty good but i think in our time we can't go all vintage maybe match it with something to keep it in style too? haha
@onesmile maybe that's what the model in this photo is missing... suspenders :P
I'm not sure if all of you @cityofkyle @ameliasantos10 @onesmile know this show, but whenever I see a guy with high waisted pants it reminds me of Steve Urkel from Family Matters
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