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Lee Min Ho was 20 year old at that time... Handsome boy :)
@ameliasantos10 hahahahahaah yes yes agree with you... Lee Min Ho very handsome. His smile and eyes are so deadly hahahahahaah:)
@lienleeminho ahahha he was a total cutie back then like baby cute and suddenly out of no where he became so handsome right? hahah @MaRowenaYadaoa both of them just look so young in I am Sam!! haah
@lienleeminho i was actually considering rewatching this the other day! ahahha and yes .. wow this was 7 years ago?? can you believe it?
I'm already watch this yesterday,and I'm shocked,that min young and Minho already known each other 7 years is too young and cute at this drama...
@ameliasantos10 i just watch I am Sam again. Yeah 7 years ago:) He's handsome and cute back then and now he's grown up as handsome man, cute charming, humble and sincere:) love him more and more