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A 32-year-old woman died in a car accident after posting a update on Facebook. She wrote "The happy song makes me HAPPY". It is believed that after making this post, she crossed a median and hit a recycling truck head on. Let this be a reminder to everyone that texting, taking selfies, posting on any social networking site etc while driving is very dangerous, and not worth your life or someone else's life.
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@ameliasantso10 I think there are a lot of people who are aware of the dangers but they think that they are the exception to the rule.. I just don't get it
@sjeanyoon @ameliasantos I know what you mean sometimes I wonder if there were less accidents before they passed the law about talking on your phone.
@imliz I don't know about those statistics, but they say that texting and driving is on the rise while drinking and driving in on the decline.
@sjeanyoon I mean both aren't good but it's harder to try and stop someone for texting and driving than not letting someone drunk get behind the wheel.
@imliz Agreed. You can always get the drunk person a taxi or take away their keys.