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I love finding articles about individuals who give up their jobs to pursue a passion, and end up being amazing at it. Meet former IT consultant Warren Elsmore, he gave up his job over a year to build legos. This model of St.Pancras Station, which has been on display throughout Europe, has six platforms that are fully functioning.
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This is kind of random but every time I hear legos....I think of the Eggo waffle commercial! "Le'go my Eggos" Is it just me?
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@imliz Never thought of it that way.. Eggos yumm... Fried Chicken and Eggos..
4 years ago·Reply
@ettekeeg This is an amazing lego build. I always respected the time it takes to build one of these!
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Warren Elsmore's St. Pancras Station replica is breathtaking. Help me out here... are these called sculptures or dioramas or something else altogether? When epic #lego creations are built, are they 100% made with Legos or do artists take/make pieces of their own to get the look they want? Thank you for sharing.
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