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I love when bloggers give the list of tools needed, nail polish colors and directions to achieve the nail design they are revealing. Tools: dotting tool and thin paint brush Colors Used from Left to Right: 1.OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ 2.Essence ‘Ben & Cherries’ 3.OPI ‘Elephantastic Pink’ 4.Ulta3 ‘Soft Hydrangea’ 5.Sally Hansen ‘Blue Me Away’ 6.The Face Shop ‘GR502’ Directions: 1.Paint your nail a base colour. A white base will make the flowers pop out more. 2.Using a large dotting tool, paint some light pink blotches. 3.Repeat this with a light blue. 4. Blob a bit of dark pink nail polish onto a scrap piece of paper, dip in a thin paint brush and carefully paint thin ‘C shaped’ lines onto the light pink base. 5.Repeat this step with a darker blue onto the light blue blotches. 6.Finally, add some green leaves with the paint brush.
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