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Wearing an Oculus Rift with video lag looks pretty painful!
I think if you act slow you may manage, but the issue is that you cannot estimate the distance... Very funny cooking made me laugh :)
Gosh this looks awful, I would hate this!! @ameliasantos10 @mcgraffy Have you guys ever heard about audio lag effecting human speech? If what you are saying is recorded and played back into your ear with a 1-3 second delay it becomes literally impossible to put thoughts together..lol
The dance class portion of the experiment was funny.
I have never heard of this being something that people actually deal with in real life. This video made me laugh all over the place. But if this is a real disease, which I've never heard of before, then how incredibly sad for those people. Is there a cure?
@mcgraffy I can't even really think about what that would be like...huh. interesting. sounds like a challenge haba
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