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Title: Making! Gluhwein !!! Message: Gluhwein is said to be good for prevention of colds!! (It is) boiled wine, also called Vin Chaud~ Ahsun-noona gave me a taste of it before so I’ve been wanting to make it after that..! But there never were any wine left whenever I drank wine…. Huhhuh.. So! I will be determined and make it today! kk First, prepare lemon, orange, apple, cinnamon, honey, and wine! Throw it all in! and boil it!! When it starts to boil~ lower the fire and leave it 2~30 minutes on a weak fire. and after that!? Put it in a container, and store it in the refrigerator~ And warm it up whenever you’re drinking it~ kkkkk It’s also my first time in making this, so I’m not sure.. Will it be tasty? anyways~ let’s be healthy!!
oh.....that makes sense. I should have looked at the title more carefully
oooh I'll have to try this! Looks really simple to make
@aneezful I've never seen this before. So this is a cold remedy? Where did you learn to make this?
@Sjeanyoon haha its okay :)
@sjeanyoon this is Sungmins blog update so i didnt learn how to make this but apparently yes it is a cold prevention. its probably a common dish in korea or something like that