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The drop shot rig is sometimes called the down shot rig or drop shotting, or even the sissy rig, but don't let that silly nickname stop you from giving this beauty a try. This rig is ideal for fishing finicky, slow moving bass that aren't ready to come out after your lures, maybe while their bedding or late in the summer. What this rig basically accomplishes is hanging a bait out there and letting it sit still, moving just with the current or maybe some light shakin from your rod, to give the bass some time to come at it. It also keeps it above any weeds thanks to the distance between the hook and the weight. To create this rig you need light, low visibility line. This could be anything from #6 to #14 line depending on your location. You can string as many 1/0 straight hooks on to this one, but when you're new to this rig stick to fewer. Image 2 will show you how to tie this rig. You can also vary the weight at the bottom pending your conditions. With no wind, 1/8 ounce is good, but if theres wind kick it up to 1/4 or 1/2. In deep open waters try 3/8 or 1/2. Make sure to use heavier line with 1/2. While new to this rig its also good to put a swivel up about a foot or foot and a half above your hook so you arent getting line tangles. Check out Image 3 for how to fish this in one circumstance and remember, this rig is more about letting it sit in one place for long periods rsther than about fast retrieval. Image 4 shows additional options for customizing your rig for your conditions.