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Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation where you can actually volunteer and make a difference? This one is one of those trips!! Loggerhead turtles are native to Greece, but are in need of protection due to induation by sea waters as water levels raise and also from predators that are cutting their numbers. In order to combat these reductions in number, many conversation groups have formed to protect the turtle's nests. One such organization that caters to young adults specifically is GVI! I heard some good reviews from a friend and decided to look into it. With GVI, you can go to the Bay of Lakonikcos in southern Peloponnese to help protect the sea turtle nests. Don't confuse this for easy work!! You'll be trained upon arrival and work 6 days a week helping to survey nests, protect the nests from predators, as well as provide conservation info to locals. Still, it is rewarding work; depending on your season of stay, you can see the turtles hatch! And you can meet many other international volunteers as well while experiencing Greek culture. The average trip costs 1,600USD for 2 weeks. While it doesn't include flights, it does include housing and most of your meals! While not the cheapest, this is a valuable way to spend your vacation :) Getting to Mavrovouni requires a flight into Athens and then a bus to the location, though the program typically includes airport pick up. If not, there are daily itineraries from Athens to Mavrovouni. The departure point is at the main bus station of Athens.  ( - Kifissou 100, on the national road of Athens). Why not spend your next vacation volunteering?
If i had the time I would be there in a heartbeat.
@onsemile hopefully we will have time or make time in the future to go to places like this.
this looks like a great trip
@sjeanyoon that's so awesome how do you participate in these beach clean-ups?
I've gone to a couple of beach clean-ups but this would be such an amazing experience
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