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I can hardly believe it myself, but YES - it's real!!!!!!! OMG!! New cast and tweaked animation but they really are putting out a 20th Anniversary Anime series!!
I love this show! Can't believe it!!
I'm really excited for this and hope their casting choices work out. I don't think they could ruin sailor moon for me but I don't want to be disappointed.
@serbshavemofun I can't believe sailor moon is coming back! Brings me back to my childhood hahahaha
@timeturnerjones you are right too! The artwork is beautiful, I hope its more like it too! ^^ I liked the manga style myself, the concept of the characters in the manga by far beat what the animated ones looked like! ....(this is my girlness coming out) so handsome lol
@timeturnerjones, I hope they don't either, Sailor Moon was my all time fav when I came home from school! Hopefully it works out to the beat of their ability which is 100% !! lol
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