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'Post-Antibiotic Era' is Almost here
To sum this article up, we are entering into an era where some infectious diseases ( including diarrhea, blood infections (sepsis), pneumonia, and urinary tract infections and gonorrhea) are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Which mean minor infections can become lethal.According to a release by the World Health Organization (WHO), the growing rate of antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance is posing a serious threat to human health. There are parts of the world where treatment for UTI's are practically ineffective.
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Oy...this doesn't sound good
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@flymetothemoon uh oh! This doesn't sound good.
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@ettekeeg @imliz It's so important to stay healthy and make sure your immune system can fight against these diseases.
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Hmm... I should consider eating some vegetable... but pasta is just soooo delicious!!
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