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Sadly i am 2 young 2 called a noona lol But they r noona killers ;-) Credit 2 dramafever ;) <3
@saharhyunjoong, in our Hispanic/Mexican culture my cousin's children are my nieces and nephews., I'm their aunt. My children would be aunts and uncle to them.
@saharhyunjoong, lol, well i'm too old to be called a noona. i would be more like ahjumma or umma :)
@dramacrazy lol its my first cousin kids my nieces they r older then me and they have thr own kids lol so i am like an anty 2 my niece nephews nd grand ma 2 thr kids lol i went 2 manchester 2 c them it was alot of fun but the one dat is older then me got married in texas so i cdnt c her but i saw my niece nd nephews they were like u r soo young like an older soster 2 us lol so we will call u baji like a noona in my langua age :-D but it was a lot of funn 2 finally meet dat side of my family :-)♥♥ if i can show u all my family its just amazing lol :-D
@dramacrazy unnie its ok i am only 24 already an ahmuni a grandma a real one in my family lols its a bit of a long story mu family long history is really funny :-D but. hahas its kool i love my niece nephews that r even older then mee we r like friends but the relation is weird hehes nd my grandkids i still have 2 c them lol funny destiny us superfunny nd awesome :-D
Hello nothing new in So Ji love land ?!
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