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Sadly i am 2 young 2 called a noona lol But they r noona killers ;-) Credit 2 dramafever ;) <3
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@saharhyunjoong, in our Hispanic/Mexican culture my cousin's children are my nieces and nephews., I'm their aunt. My children would be aunts and uncle to them.
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@dramacrazy yup its the same in my culture 2 :-D but we have passed the aunt uncle generation lol nd have bcm granparents already lol :-D
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You know @saharhyunjoong this picture is from a website called
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lol i knw 4 sure :-D dats why i said credit 2 dramafever lol but i edited it my self 2 hehes ;-)♥
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Hello nothing new in So Ji love land ?!
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