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These performances are a great example of this fusion genre and how beautifully Arabian and Latin music and dance have come together. Flamenco music was born, and still lives, among the scenic green hills of Andalusia in southern Spain. In recent years, however, some performers have moved beyond both the geographical and the stylistic boundaries of traditional flamenco to incorporate a variety of new styles into their work. The Arab roots of flamenco run deep. Though some scholars believe the word flamenco means "Flemish," others think it is a corruption of the colloquial Arabic felag mangu, meaning "fugitive peasant" and derived from a root meaning "to flee." The term came into use in the 14th century, and was first applied to the Andalusian Gypsies themselves, who were called either gitanos or flamencos. The Moors were a medieval Islamic people from Northern Africa who lived in Southern Spain for years, resulting in the exchange of culture and the making of what is today a celebrated history of shared music and culture. Hope you enjoy!
@peteryang292 I was really surprised when I first heard it too~~!!
@fallingwater that's crazy!
@peteryang292 @gabyrich @imliz yea! its not confirmed that they're from china but many people believe they are :)
@peteryang292 I just looked it up and apparently it is!
@gabyrich I think that's awesome! We need more moms like you in the world.
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