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@cityofkyle This isn't film, so if you think about it this is really just a bunch of 0's and 1's making up information on a little card. No exposure on to film and the fact that cameras see differently then us means that it is already at an alter state when it goes on the computer. That being wordily said (lol), this image is probably has some contrast increases to bring out the sky..
so to sum it up in one word. yes on to the meaning of life haha.
@happyrock yes @dillonk answers correctly and they are fishing boats, i agree with you the sky is unreal, (*_*) @mrjockX hmm, i dont remember and it has been awhile since ive seen that movie but i trust they must look similar to that scene..
@cityofkyle I think that @mrjockX was joking about how long my answer
@mrjockX If we aren't being long winded, yes. Lol
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