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If tucking in to delicious personally harvested mushrooms tickles your fancy, then Growbox is definitely for you. Founded in late 2012 by young architecture graduate Ronaldiaz Hartantyo (Aldi) along with his three colleagues Robbi Zidna Ilman, Adi Reza Nugroho and Annisa Wibi Ismarlanti, Growbox is basically a box containing oyster mushroom seeds that can be cultivated by anyone, anywhere and anytime. After two to four weeks of easy maintenance, the mushrooms will grow and can be harvested up to four times within the space of just four months. According to Aldi, this business idea occurred when he visited Jejamuran in Yogyakarta; a tourism spot famed for its mushroom farms and restaurants. "The trip left me thinking of ways to grow mushrooms in a more compact space and urban setting where space is limited," said Aldi. “Other than creating a sustainable business, we also want to spread the spirit of urban farming where we can grow our own food,” added Aldi. After several months of research in a workshop on Jl. Cijagra 48 Buah Batu, Bandung, Growbox was born. As an introduction to the world, the quartet joined Urban Picnic during the Archifest event of the World Architecture Festival in Singapore in October 2012 and successfully sold all 20 of their prototype mushroom boxes. "Shortly after the festival, we started to get feedback from our customers in England, Hungary, Germany, China and Iceland -- telling us that they had successfully grown and harvested their Growbox mushrooms and that they wanted to buy some more," said Aldi. To cope with growing demand from abroad, presently Growbox is setting up a worldwide delivery system. “In the future, we also want to turn Growbox into a close loop business or integrated farming so that it will create zero waste. It will also recycle the sawdust medium where the mushrooms grow into something useful and valuable again,“ Aldi explained. “We also continue to study the mushrooms in order to improve the product while also coming up with innovative ways to make it more useful and, of course, profitable." In addition to Growbox, the quartet has also developed a product called Growjar where, as the name suggests, they use chic-designed transparent small jars instead of a box.
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This could be a great wedding favor. Different and useful.
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