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Marla from Chuck Palahniuk's novel 'Fight Club' has to be one of my favorite characters. Anyone else a fan of the book Fight Club?
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me! Though I'd say I like his short stories better than any of his books. I get tired of his style after a whole book lol
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@timeturnerjones I'm the exact opposite, I love his writing style more with each book I read! His short stories are amazing, but they scarred me a little bit
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@dillonk hahah yeah they can be a bit intense, but somehow I like getting that intensity all out in one go rather than letting it build. Which book is your favorite?
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As always, the book is much better than the movie! I'm with @dillonk on this one, I love Chuck's style!
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@timeturnerjones Dang, that's like picking my favorite type of food. It's ALL good lol. If I had to pick one though, I would say Survivor. What an amazing book... @pipeline Woo! Chuck Palahniuk fan boys unite. Lol
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