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Someone brought lunch for me and I thought how sweet until I saw it. Wow, (O_O) all this food, short rib tips, baked white fish and stir fry pork with chives!!! I can't finish this I need help with this lunch @saharhyunjoong come and get half of this...
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@cheerfulcallie i need to make more friend like that then! ahhahha i feel like i tend to be the one feeding people@
@cheerfulcallie @mrjockX hahahaha ya'll are crazy I love it
@ameliasantos10 then whats the problem? i see no problem if you want to feed me too, hahaha!!
@ameliasantos10 ditto! I'm usually the one feeding people! @cheerfulcallie send some of your friends our way!
@ameliasantos i want to be fed too! hahahahahah @sjeanyoon can i be with you if she sends her friend over? ahahhaa