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 Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Recap Ep 4: Recap Ep 5: Recap Ep 6: Recap Ep 7: Recap Ep 8: Recap Ep 9: Recap Ep 10: Yoon Jae said, "When Seo Yoon Jae come back, Kang Kyung Joon will disappear from Gil Da Ran's life." Da Ran grabbed his hand and said, "What did you say again? Kyung Joon will dissapear?" Yoon Jae said, "Tie tight your shoe lace." and he fixed her shoe lace. Da Ran was upset i guess, but finally she said, "OK, I will tie it tight, and there is no way to be lossen." After that she went home with Yoon Jae and had a lot of lamyun...maybe she is so sad so she ate like that. Yoon Jae said, "I will go and find my father..." Meanwhile, Ma Ri and Chung Sik were being these spies. They are spying on the professor who should be a friend of Kyung Joon's father. She has this fabulous burgundy camera with a big and long lens (anyone knows what camera it is?) So Yoon Jae's father is in Korea now. The mom asked him why he came, but he actually came to Korea to find Kyung Joon. Her mom again emphasized, "Kyung Joon is not my son. He was born only to save Yoon Jae's life." So Yoon Jae and Da Ran are on their way to meet Yoon Jae's father. They are really awkward (well of course because the gather thought that Yoon Jae got amnesia after the accident). He asked whether he is getting better, but he said,meeting him is like meeting a stranger. There is a book that Yoon Jae took from the table, but a picture fell down....upside down!! It's the picture of Kyung Joon's mom!!! But Yoon Jae just took it and didn't see the face on the picture arrghhh!! They went to have dinner with the parents, and Yoon Jae's mom said to Da Ran, "we were not able to give you some good wedding present. So let's go shopping together." Da Ran said, "It's OK. Sorry." Yoon Jae is so hillarious!!! He said, "Hey Da Ran, why do you have to be sorry?? Mom, I will be thankful on behalf of Da Ran. Instead, just give us the card. I will use it wisely." It creeps the parents out!!! HAHAHAHA. They finally seems to get the card finally >< and they went to this car showroom and expensive boutique to buy new clothes for Da Ran. She tried a lot of dresses and he only said," not bad. Buy this." for all the dress she tried on. HAHAHHAAHAHAH They went home and Da Ran feel troubled. Yoon Jae see her face, and he said, "Should I be Yoon Jae to comfort you??" He pretended that he got this headache and said, "He's coming, he's coming!" And suddenly he acted as Seo Yoon Jae. He also used Yoon Jae's warm hands to comfort her. And he showed one of his other skills. He used this frypan as a guitar and started singing Pororo OST (Pororo is a popular korea animation, a blue white penguin, FYI). After he finished the song, Da Ran laughed. He said, "Finally you laugh." Da Ran said, "Kyung Joon, you are so funny." Yoon Jae said, "I'm not Kyung Joon. I'm Yoon Jae." Da Ran was embarrased and she took the frypan with her to the room and knock herself with that frypan to make her back to her right mind. She thought of something, and she thought if she start sewing while waiting for Yoon Jae to come back, she will kill the time. She start to take a piece of cloth, thread, and needle. She start to imagine herself in Joseon era sewing the cloth, but she hurt herself with the needle. AHHAAH The next day, in school, Da Ran with her dark circles came to school with her fingers bandaged hahahaha and the fellow teacher teased her. Ma Ri showed Yoon Jae the pictures that she took while following the professor. Yoon Jae saw his father, but of course he thought, "what is Yoon Jae's father doing here?" They were also discussing how to celebrate Kyung Joon's birthday. Kyung Joon went to meet some lawyers (i guess i don't have to explain detail coz they speak english) to discuss that Yoon Jae as the legal trustee of Kang Kyung Joon will have the right for his assets left by his mom. Afterwards, he took Da Ran to a Chinese restaurant. They order Peking Duck (makes me hungry) and he wrapped the roasted duck for her). I think Da Ran is touched by his kind action, she felt shy, and drink a very spicy soup and choked. Yoon Jae was making the professor's magazine as a fan for her, and it makes her more overwhelmed. She went back to home and start sewing and ironing the quilt she make to calm herself and she start imagining herself again in Joseon era AHHAHA. Suddenly Yoon Jae came in and asked her what's wrong with her. He was teasing her all the time, and he went out. But he heard her screaming from the room. OH NO, she bumped into the iron, and her leg was a little bit burnt. He went back to the room and took her directly to the bathroom, and pour water on her leg. He is soooo kinddddd!!! He asked her, "does it hurt?" she said" yes, it hurts". Yoon Jae asked, "Do you want me to keep doing this?" She said, "Yes. please stay like this." AWWWWWWWWW I forgot to tell you guys what happen to the girl teacher who have this one sided love with the fellow guy teacher. (I'm sorry but until now I still can't remember their names!!) She intentionally told him that she is having this blindate in blah blah restaurant and blah blah time, just to put a bait on him. He really came, she was really touched and ran to him teary. But he actually didn't come for her!! He came for the alumni gathering with some other friends!! Chung Sik and Ma Ri were in the boutique and Ma Ri picked a blouse and asked Chung Sik whether the blouse style is Da Ran's style. Chung Sik said, "why do you have to copycat Da Ran's style??" Suddenly Ma Ri "brainwashed" him by touching his head, and he just said, "The blouse is pretty~~" Meanwhile, Da Ran and Yoon Jae went to the art exhibition of the professor they were looking for information to find Kyung Joon's dad. Suddenly a call came from Yoon Jae's mom to Da Ran's phone. She asked whether she can meet her tonight to talk about some gathering. But Da Ran said, "I'm sorry but Yoon Jae and I are outside now. We are going to this professor's art exhibition." Yoon Jae's mom was really shocked. She raised her voice and said, "Don't go there!! What are you doing there?? Take Yoon Jae out of that place!!!!" But Yoon Jae grabbed the phone, and said to his mom, "We are in the exhibition hall, we need to go." Meanwhile, Ma Ri was about to go to this exhibition hall, when suddenly she got a call from his father, saying that Kyung Joon's dad is looking for Kyung Joon. Da Ran and Yoon Jae finally met the professor. He was asking whether he knew Kyung Joon and his father....when...his mom came!!! Ahhhhh she ruined everything!!! She dragged him away and asked him, "what are you doing there??" Yoon Jae said that he wants to find out about Kyung Joon and Kyung Joon's mom (Gisu). But his mom said, "I hope you won't meet that guy, and I never heard of that woman's name." The professor was talking with Da Ran, and he mentioned,"when you first met Yoon Jae, he was in a hurry to meet someone. He was in a hurry to meet me." Da Ran rushed to leave the exhibition hall. She told him that she need to confirm something to Se Young. Yoon Jae went to see some sunflowers and plan to give it to her, so he was arranging how to give it to her (I forgot to tell you guys that Da Ran likes sunflowers). So Da Ran went to meet Se Young. She finally admit that when they first met, Yoon Jae didn't rushed to meet her, but it was for something else." She just made the story up!!! and she said, "about the house key..I gave it to her, but he never come..." SO YOON JAE DOES LOVE DA RAN!!!! It makes Da Ran thinks about all the past, and it made her mood down. She went home, and Yoon Jae asked her while pretending not to are, "why are you late? the people were about to throw these flowers away, but I decided to take these home." Da Ran said, "Yoon Jae...he never go to Se Young...It's a misunderstanding..He never like Se Young.." THIS IS SAD for Kyung Joon!!! He said...(in a misery) "Well, that's a good thing for you. I bet you are really happy. Well, congratulations for you. So it means Yoon Jae has the true feelings for you..." and he left to the room..... wewwwwwwwww The next day, Da Ran were with Chung Sik, when suddenly she got a call from Yoon Jae's mom. I think she wants to meet her. Meanwhile Yoon Jae is in the hospital with the kid patient. They asked him to go away because he disturb them playing HAHAHA. He went outside and bumped into Kyung JOon's caretaker. She said, that someone is in the room, visiting Kyung Joon. IT WAS HIS FATHER!!!! He rushed to Kyung Joon's room, but he was one step too late!! He only saw the back of that person...and he bumped into Ma Ri and Chung Sik. Chung Sik told Yoon Jae, "Brother in law, as a brother of Da Ran, I wonder if your mom is treating my sister bad..because she wants to meet my sister, but she look so depressed..." So Da Ran went to meet Yoon Jae's mom. She didnt have bad intention actually, she just want to give her some wedding present that she was not able to give. Suddenly Da Ran cried, and said, "I don't deserve this present...I am not good enough for Yoon Jae...I'm a bad person..." OHHH THIS REALLY PISSED ME OFF!! The mom said, "If you know that you are not good enough for Yoon Jae, why don't you move back? Why don't you stay away from Yoon Jae? I didn't like you from the first time we met. Only because he is sick, that's why I blessed your marriage. So when are you going to leave him?" Da Ran said, "I can't. I need him now. When Yoon Jae come back normally, that time i will step back" Yoon Jae's mom and dad were discussing that he should go back to the states ASAP (because she doesn't want him to know). Yoon Jae went home in a hurry, and he was really mad that Da Ran cried... THANK YOUUUU <3<3 Ep 12 Preview: ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
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