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Jonas Yip was raised on both sides of the Pacific, in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States. Consequently, Jonas has never been fully American nor fully Chinese, but rather somewhere between. Returning to China, Jonas is engaged not with its people but its culture. See Jonas' beautiful photographs as he becomes an impartial observer over in this country. Here is what Jonas says about his work in his artist statement: Somewhere Between "Raised on both sides of the Pacific in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States, I’ve never been either fully American or fully Chinese, but rather somewhere between. So arriving in mainland China has always been an odd sort of homecoming, feeling at once strangely, entirely familiar yet altogether foreign. So then after returning from China I am always curious to discover where I trained my lens. For me, temples, lanterns, and other typically Chinese scenes on which many may focus recede into the background. Instead, as someone engaged with the culture but not necessarily with the people, I become an impartial observer. I see vignettes of a changing China, landmarks disappearing in smog or with time, culture and lives and lifestyles torn down in great swaths to make room for the generic and new. I see the pains that accompany modernization: pollution, overcrowding, inflation, disparity. But amongst all this I also see that life goes on for the Chinese people, standing hard amongst the hectic change, living in the balance, somewhere between."
Just came across this. Thanks @dillonk for sharing and thanks all for the comments. @hunahuna I don't really feel out of place necessarily. It's more that there's a disconnect between how instantly familiar China feels and how foreign it turns out to be underneath.
I love the colors, especially in the twilight shot (last picture)
Its interesting that he doesn't have any faces in focus. Either backs of strangers's heads or big crowds. This is great work!
Really amazing work, it feels voyeuristic, but in a detached external kind of way. The artist statement really enforces the work! Thanks for sharing @dillonk
@jonasyip Wow Jonas it is great to have you on Vingle with us! I hope you are okay with me sharing your work here, and thanks for adding your perspective on the work!
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