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Jessica Labatte is an interesting photographer with a particular style. She explores everyday objects not for their function but for their form, color, and shape. She usually implements a collage like aesthetic pointing not only to her illusionistic tendencies but the relationship of still life to the history of art. Essentially, Jessica uses 'in-camera-manipulation' meaning no Photoshop or post-processing. All of her photographs are a moment of the illusionistic performance she creates in front of the lens. These images were made using colored light reflected onto mirrors. Mesmerizing, huh!?
@HimChanJeon I'm glad you like my content! Please keeping taking photographs, I like your work :D @onesmile That is what amazes me about her work. She makes all these abstracted figures and images all within the camera. When I first saw her work I totally though it was digital manipulation!
@dillonk I LOVE Jessica Labatte. If you couldn't tell, I took inspiration from her on some of my works. You should show more of her work, in my opinion ;) @onesmile I'd say both manipulation and in camera techniques both have skill and creativity required, however, Jessica's work is really a great testament to what photographers are capable of without photoshop.
@dillonk its easy to assume its digital manipulation, especially since people have gotten so great at it. it seems it takes more creativity, in some ways, to not change anything later!
@dillonk I really appreciate that she doesn't use any post processing. while it has its place, it's cool that she sees the final product as she creates the photo
thx 4 ur comment!! i will show u many pics every day!! and i like ur contents it has a lot of information about photography
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