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Nice use of a tilt-shift effect to make this city look like a miniature diorama!
What's a tilt-shift effect? I haven't heaed of it before!
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@onesmile Tilt-shift started as a specific lens I believe. Now, it is a method of creating a selective focus (so a focus on a specific area) that makes the surroundings almost look miniature. It is best achieved with scenery that is far rather than close up.
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@hunahuna huh, I'm going to look up some more images--im actually having a hard time seeing that here
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What about this one!? Some people's eyes are just too 'smart' for the trick, I wouldn't be surprised if you can't see it in most tilt shift photography http://webneel.com/daily/sites/default/files/images/daily/10-2013/3-tilt-shift-photography.jpg
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@dillonk I can see the idea of it on this one-- but still don't fully get the intended effect I don't think. Thanks foe showing me another example XD
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