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Standing waves are a somewhat rare phenomenon in rivers. It is a type of rapid that cycles water in a circle, similar to a wave you would see at the beach. This is what allows the surfer to stay in the rapid and surf it!
@dillonk *looks at you* you're talking to someone who won't even swim in the ocean, lolz. I think I'll sit this one out, mmhh...
Actually it's really not too dangerous if you know how to handle yourself in rapids! :)
wow, thats pretty extreme and dangerous...
@dillonk well i guess at least it sounds safer when you say there won’t be as much rocks! and well I guess all I could say is best of luck to those rapid surfers :)
@dillonk i don't know ahahha i am still with @lillyann and @cheerfulcallie with this one!! but i guess only people who are daring enough would do this! well for me i don't think i will be able to do it but i would love to watch someone surfing like that!
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