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Kim Woo Bin Covers Men's Uno China's 10th Anniversary Special
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@saharhyunjoong but little of it not harm not like smoking
3 years ago·Reply
i just don't like how the promote it like dat in magazines whats the point they r old enough 2 know what they r doing is not rite and doing it just for money doesn't make sense either bcs they make great money anyways so yy use dis kind of method they r oppas plzz don't do dis :p
3 years ago·Reply
@saharhyunjoong I understand u well but others see him sexy like that.but me too positive with ur opinion
3 years ago·Reply
@christy anyways nvrmnd he is not the only one so its ok :-P but i cant accept it :-P
3 years ago·Reply
me too dont like smokinh guys
3 years ago·Reply