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Amber Shields: Visions of Johanne
I thought you would like this project @rajvi1!!!! Amber Shields is a Texas born photographer. In her work 'Visions of Johanne', the main subject is her grandmother. In fifteen years of documenting this project, Amber observed an interesting, joyful, and sobering relationship she had with her grandmother. Amber watched and photographed as her grandmother progressed from family matriarch and breadwinner to the most vulnerable days at the end of her life. Through this project, Amber grew closer and developed a deeper appreciation for her grandmother and the role she played in the family. Please view the images as a progression of Amber's grandmother's life. The images become very sobering and saddening near the end of her life.
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I absolutely live lut!
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Beautiful, but sad. what a great work.
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@rajvi1 @fallingwater I'm glad you guys like the work!
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