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Ellen Cantor looks back on her childhood memories with nostalgia. One of her favorite activities was reading children's books. The series 'Prior Pleasures' comments on the fact that reading physical books is an experience that we will soon lose to our multi-function devices. Using multiple exposures gives us a glimpse into the world of the author’s imagination and the memory that each book evokes. Here is what Ellen says about 'Prior Pleasures' "Every man’s memory is his private literature. ~Aldous Huxley Prior Pleasures recalls the joy of reading childhood books, a habit that is slowly being replaced with today’s e-technology. The books photographed for this series are the ones I have carried with me since childhood, not only from house to house, but also within my memories. Using multiple images in camera, I photograph the end papers, illustrations and text to create the illusion of reading the book and seeing the drawings simultaneously. The appearance of pages turning is a metaphor for one of my PRIOR PLEASURES—reading for the sake of enjoyment. The luxury of being involved with an object that doesn’t multi-task will slowly disappear. Reading a book will become part of the daily distraction of Facebook, websites and e-mail. The pleasure of holding an object that has only one purpose will evaporate.Child's Garden Of Verses In the future, books may become obsolete relics of a distant time and place. We may view them under glass or on walls of museums to remind us of an era when people actually read books made from paper.This series is about aging, time, memory, preservation of the past and creation of a legacy for the next generation."
@onesmile I really don't understand why so many people think perfection is achievable in art, especially in regards to photography. It's a common misconception many people have with modern photography, so many people just long to see a beautiful landscape with a great sunset. Is that landscape really what you want to see if anyone who has ever been to that same location can take that same photograph? What makes today's modern photographers so interesting is how unique they are, which is the true definition of avant-garde. The avant-garde are people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics, notice perfection is not in this definition. The avant-garde is what drives art, not the repeated and redundant works that we have all seen before. Sorry for the rant, but I believe people aren't educated on these facts regarding the art world. It is very refreshing to see someone respect artwork for its innovation rather than perceived perfection, so thank you because you made my day! :)
@onesmile You hit the nail on the head right there, exactly right!
@dillonk its actually nice to see less than perfect work? there's really no standard for a perfect photograph or piece anyways
@onesmile As always with this specific collection I try to push the limits of what we expect from photography and photographs in general. Yeah, execution on these isn't always perfect and could be more successful, but for me that is besides the point of the card. I'm glad you find it interesting! I also really enjoy images 6 and 10! :)
Really interesting piece! I find some of the images a little hard to look at because nothing is clear, but #6 and #10 stand out to me
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