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"More than 90% of people who exercise in the morning seem to have it right. These early birds get the worm first thing every morning – even if it’s only going for a quick 15-minute walk around the block, or getting in several sets of push-ups, crunches and jumping jacks, or doing a complete body weight session on their Total Gym at home. For those wondering just how to get in a good morning exercise routine when they have so much else to do, I’ve got the top tips to get you in tip-top shape and jump start your metabolism. Follow these morning workout tips, and you’ll be fired up and burning calories most of the rest of the day. The Benefits of Morning Exercise Aside from turbo-charging your calorie burn for most of your day after a morning workout, studies also show that your mental functioning gets set on fire as well – for anywhere from four to 10 hours Think that will help get you through a tough day? But it’s not all about being ready to take on any challenge with clear thinking and a shrinking, more-regulated appetite: Consistent morning exercise actually helps your sleep needs. Get up 30-60 minutes earlier than normal to rock your body, and your endocrine system and circadian rhythm will adjust so that you sleep better. And get this: You’ll find yourself needing less sleep over time so waking up early will become a natural part of your routine. Of course, regular morning exercise means that you’ve put your health priority in its proper place: Number one! It’s a guaranteed way to place your wellbeing first, get it out of the way and bask in the pride of accomplishment you will feel throughout the day. When others complain, “Ugh, I gotta hit the gym after work and I’m so tired”, you can smile to yourself knowing you already checked that off your list. How to Get the Worm 1. Put your alarm clock somewhere where you actually have to get up to turn it off . 2. Have a workout friend or group of buddies who count on you to show up. Mutual accountability is one of the top motivators you can find. Tell everyone you know about your new morning exercise routine. 3. Create smarter goals that are specific, measurable, achievable realistic and timely. Set out your morning workout plan enthusiastically and end with a reward. 4. Play music. I suggest checking out the free Rock My Run app on iTunes 5. Set out your gym clothes and equipment before you head to bed. To Eat or Not To Eat Before a Workout: That’s Still the Question Want to have a head rush? There is no definitive answer on proper nutritional guidelines before a morning workout. That said, it’s better to eat a something about 30 minutes or so before working out than nothing at all. This might include a banana, some almonds or a spoonful of almond butter. A hard-boiled egg, or Greek yogurt and some orange juice may also be appropriate. I put my snack together the night before, so it’s one less thing to do before my early morning exercise. After working out, a healthy, rewarding breakfast is in order. This may include a protein shake – my favorite is double chocolate from BNRG – and perhaps some eggs and veggies, or oatmeal with fruit and nuts."
For me, laying out clothes the night before is so important. sometimes I'll even sleep in my running shorts so I just slip my shoes on and go!
I lay out my clothes like @pipeline and always throw a mini bag of almonds in my bag to munch on in the car on my way to the gym. If I dont work out in the morning, I dont work out at all!
@pipeline @Nisfit I completely agree! I also plan out my workout ahead of time. I know that right when I hit the gym I'll head to the elliptical, etc :)