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i cant wait for monday to come but then again its MONDAY so it can wait! lol but i have one problem with this new drama!...The female lead jin se yeon is not on top of my fav actress list so i may not stick with it for long! Rooting for Kang so ra and lee jong suk even though its unlikely to happen!
@saharhyunjoong @pixiececi ohmygod hahahahh what a twisted ending!! well despite that I will be counting down to this drama with you guys! ;)
even though i am not sure of what is happening in this whole conversation but i have to agree with @pixiececi on the fact that Sora was amazing in Sunny!! :) it was probably one of the best movie i watched you should def. check it out @saharhyunjoong
@pixiececi sorry lol 4 the confusion hehes my bad
@saharhyunjoonh Lmao omg after all that??!!! i am going to have to agree with u! jiyeon maybe a good singer but she sure aint made for acting!Lol i was so mad that anybody thinks so ra is a bad actress cuz she is one of faves!!
@saharhyunjoong the whole movie with eng sub is on youtube! hope u enjoy it like i did!
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