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Returning from the army soon, Ji Hyun Woo has become a strong candidate for Trot Lovers Ji Hyun Woo’s agency spoke with Newsen on May 2, saying, “We’ve received an offer from Trot Lovers and are positively considering it. As it’s a production with June as a goal and Ji Hyun Woo being discharged in early May, we’re worried that it might be too burdensome for the actor." Ji Hyun Woo Receives Offer for ‘Trot Lovers’ Trot Lovers is scheduled to air following the conclusion of KBS’ Big Man, If Ji Hyun Woo takes the offer, he’ll be playing the genius musician Jang Jun Hyun. i hope he accept this offer coz i missed him so much
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@christy its ok if he choose 2 rest 4 a bit nd then come back like they all do they all need rest after army 4 sure i missz him 2 happy 4 ur comeback ♥♥ dis is a happy news 4 sure :-)