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I well thank you both of you @dillonk and warlord88..some i deas to share ..
@warlord88 It's great that you are interesting in bio technology. From an outside perspective, I would think software engineering isn't too different than biological engineering, in theory at least. Don't let being a software engineer keep you from learning everything you can about bio engineering if you love learning about it! What is more important in life than the pursuit of knowledge and the pursuit of happiness!?
@warlord88 It sounds like you know much more about DNA pairing and mapping then I do. I really don't know much about the field at all.
@warlord88 I really have no idea why they get fat. I thought the same thing first, I thought they would get the best of both worlds of lions and tigers. It looks more like ligers get the worst from both animals though, hahahaha
@warlord88 Hahaha, no worries. They aren't really the best animals in terms of hunting and surviving. They are kinda fat and slow, lol
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