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Panther Martin Fly Spinner
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These Panther Martin Fly Spinners are also known as "Uncle Martins," I believe, and are a must have in every color if you're fishing trout or salmon. They're a bit heavy, which provides for a nice cast, and also have a good blade angle. These two factors together means that they run deep, which is good for trout fishing. I like to use a 1/16 ounce, silver one with the yellow body since I usually an looking for trout in the mountain cricks. As usual with trout spinners, fish upstream. Some more popular colors can be seen in image 2. Additionally, you can do a steady fast retrieve, or you can do a tip shake as seen in this video on slide #3, which teaches the basics of fishing a Panther Martin Spinner.
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@fallingwater sure, they catch a lot of trout but you might get some walleyes or bass pending where youre at