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This is a great, really usable lure. You can detach the hook, which means you can swap in either a treble hook or a plain hook. Its just a simple lure, really, in either gold or silver, with blue or red spots on the outside. If you're fishing walleyes, northern pike, or pickerel you can put a single hook on, and maybe a minnow or night crawler depending where you're fishing and you're good to go. Really, though, you can adjust this lure in so many ways. If you're having problems with settin the hook, try a treble hook on this lure; you'll have a better shot of setting the hook when a fish swallows it whole. The absolute best place for these spinners, though you can of course find ways to use them elsewhere, is in rough water or waters that have a lot of rocks in there to break up the currents flow. The weaker the current, the better, I think. It can replicate the look of a wounded fish, luring in some bites, in these conditions.
@fallingwater you can definitely fish without understanding but you'll find more success if you do understand
@fallingwater since the appeal of this lure is often in looking like a wounded fish, a lure moving slow in easy waters is more attractive to the fish. and the fish youre after hang out there too
@mcgraffy makes sense! its becoming more and more clear to me how important it is to find out more about what your catch likes to eay
I like the dots hehe xD. why is a weaker current better for using this kind of lure?