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This lure is smaller and incredibly detailed--but don't let that fool you. It still pulls big fish, especially big bass. It's ultra-light, and like its name suggests, looks quite a bit like a real minnow. Some of the sizes of Pin's Minnow even have internal steel balls that transfer to create a "knocker" sound that will send out vibrations and attract some big bites. The treble hooks allow for sure sets when you get those bites. You can fish these guys in a variety of ways, in fast moving currents and with fast retrieves, or even with a jerk and pause method to attract the fish over to it. To allow the lure to move freely, tie the line to either the line eye of the split ring on this lure. This is also a great long caster--I recommend using the 2 3/4" lure for the best, most balanced results! While this lure is a bit expensive, it really does have some nice features that make it work owning.