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This is a topwater bait that can do well to attract the pre-spawn bass that might otherwise be hard to lure in. It comes in a range of colors, has rabbit fur on the back legs, and comes with nice sharp Owner brand hooks. Unlike other frog topwater baits, this one has a nice colorado spinner on the rear which helps it attract bites in open water as opposed to as a muck bait. Additionally, since the weight is molded onto the belly, it really does do well sticking, and can be pulled over hard objects quite well. If you retrieve this buddy at a medium speed, he gets a nice wiggle action going on, which moves those rabbit fur legs around, and will attract some great bites. Those legs can get some algae caught up in them if you use them as a scum bait, but the legs remain pretty in tact even after being used and striked at for a few months, so it's a pretty great bait!
@fallingwater to be honest most people don't really a large portion of the fish we catch actually eat other fish or insects to survive
@mcgraffy it's on my list for weekend errands, thanks man
@dougjohnson It's definitely a fun lure!!! Grab one if you can
I gotta try this! It's legs seems like they're just gonna fall off but I can't pass up what might be a great topwater lure. Thanks @mcgraffy
why did it surprise me to realize that bass are carnivores? all this time that should have been obvious...That's why the lures are fish....haha!!! somehow the frog made me realize it