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This crankbait is better than just tossing and reeling all day; its features really allow it to do better than your traditional crankbait. First off, the narrow size of its crosssection means that it dives real quickly. All you gotta do is cast it out along the dock, and down it goes! No more tired arms, hah. This bait also has a nice wobble action at any speed, even slow speeds, which makes it a great year-round crankbait. Whether the bass are slow on the bit, or feeding, you can find the right speed for the particular day and conditions. Also, it's got a wonderful sheen that really sparkles in sunny conditions, bringing in even more big bites! Overall, a really great crankbait. Check out the video on slide #2 for some tips on using it. Dives quickly Unique wobble Runs true Great finish
@bohemian609 I have them in quite a few colors myself! @fallingwater Bass! XD
these are my favorite crankbaits
is there anything specific this would be good for catching?