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@ameliasantos10 same with you ... love to see him in simple clothes . Love him more when no make up even when his face looked oily, to me he still very handsome hahahahahaah... just love the way he is....
hahaha i totally understand what you mean! and i love it more when his hair is down instead of wax it up! @lienleeminho
@ameliasantos10 ... yeah tough he looks gorgeous in every hairstyle , my favorite is when his hair down. Well down or wax up I just can't get enough of him! hahahahhaha
@lienleeminho hahahahaha i mean who could??? it's probably impossible to get enough of him! hahaha but i think for me as long as it's not curly i am good! i mean his hair in F4 was a tiny bit too much for em
@ameliasantos10 ...hahahahahaah... but I am in love with Goo Jun Pyo at first sight . I think because his deadly smile and deadly eyes:)