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This song is by the Persian pop singer Valy, who is ethnically Afghan. "Dokhtar Afghan" which means "Afghan girl" in Dari, a dialect of Farsi (sometimes called Old Persian) spoken in Afghanistan today. I was introduced to this song by a friend in college whose parents were from Afghanistan. I love the beat and rhythm of this track and the sounds of the Dari language. It really is a beautiful language.
@cityofkyle this was lovely. If I had to guess based on the title of the song I think he's singing about the beauty of Afghan girls... it's too bad that country is no longer what it used to be
A very good friend of mine here in New York is of Afghan descent. If I show this to him he will flip over my knowing it.
@gabyrich I think so too! I'll have to ask my friend who introduced me to Afghan music
Ooooh I'm definitely with you on the beat--it's great!