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So yesterday, he ROCKED the stage and scored high with the judges! He did better this time cuz the song was very Personal..The song was called "Mom's Beans Soup"(‘어머니의 된장국’) and had him tell it all on his family painful history:" My sister had to leave home & go to the -City-, Dad, well he left The country for us to get more money and decent living" " I feel like i'm meeting everyone now through the screen Thanks to this competition." Seunghoona~ Fightiiiiing
He is a true artist
i love him! he is sooo creative!!! everytime i watch him i am amazed
i agreed he doesn't have that powerful voice compare to other contestants but he is really good at dancing and I think he is very charismatic ^^
I think he's a genius. I love him. Maybe that's why he has survived so far even if he doesn't sing very well.