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I may be straying a little by adding an outfit that isn't completely b&w, but don't you just love this? This is a color combo you can always wear with jeans! This is what I'm going to be wearing out tonight. Inspired!!!
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@Nisfit It's definitely an investment that is worth it!
@imliz @onesmile i totally agree with you guys.. i have always loved how easy it is to match leather jackets and jeans :) @nisfit i have to agree how a leather jackets can change your life! hahaha i had mine for a couple of years now and i am still loving it!
@ameliasantos10 @nisfit I think I need to finally invest in one! itd make my basic outfits even easier to plan :)
@onesmile H&M has cute cheap ones that arent leather but they get the job done :)
@nisfit ooo great idea! Next time I go shopping I'll look for one :)