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Common name: Chinook Salmon, king salmon, blackmouth Non-native. ID: Inside of mouth and gums is black, small spots on upper back and tail, two dorsal fins, sides are silvery, squared tail with spots on both halves. Image 3 shows some differences with the Coho Salmon. Life cycle: Spawn in deep water with large gravel, females and males will be aggressive here. Males stay in lakes before spawning for up to 2 years, females up to 4 years. At full size can be 30 to 40 pounds and 35 inches in length on average. Feed on: Insects, larvae, crustaceans when young. As adults, eat fish almost exclusively such as smelt and alewives. Predators: Rainbow trout, coho salmon, fish eating birds. Competitors: Young compete with trout and salmon for food. Where to find them: Cold waters with high oxygen content, open waters in spring and summer, stream fishing during early fall.
@mcgraffy Teaching them about fishing young I guess! hahah
@fallingwater I'll I hadn't noticed haha. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess maybe its an exercise for students? I'm not sure what they'd be learning out though....huh. Strange indeed.
hahaha did you realize image 3 is a color by number coloring page? a little weird that this exists for spawning salmon!