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Common name: Brown Bullhead, mudcat, brown catfish Native. ID: Tail only slightly notched, barbels around mouth like a catfish, two dorsal fins and one adipose fin, stomach pale yellow or white, dorsal regions brown or black. Life cycle: Spawn from April through June. Nest in matted vegetation, wood, banks or burrows and are built by the females. Reach sexual maturity at 3 years and do not live longer than 8 years. Average max size is 1 pound, but up to 6 pound bullheads have been found. Feed on: Algae, plants, mollusks, insect, fish eggs, fish. Predators: When young, muskies, northern pike, walleyes, etc. Competitors: Other bottom feeders. Where to find them: Shallow bays or soft bottoms with lots of vegetation. Warm waters with higher carbon dioxide and pollution than other fish can be dealt with.