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Common name: Steelhead, rainbow trout, silver trout Non-Native. ID: Two dorsal fins, one adipose fin. Mouth and gums are light colored. Small spots along rays on tail. 10-12 rays on anal fin. See Image 2 for ID help. Life cycle: Go to spawning location from late October till May; spawn in fine gravel usually near pools. Can live for up to 5 successive spawning years. Young travel downstream by the time they turn 3 years old. Feed on: Plankton, minnows, insects, other small fish if available. Primarily feed at mid-depth but will occasionally grab a fly fisherman's fly. Predators: Larger fish, fish-eating birds, mammals, sea lamprey. Competitors: Other salmon and trout, other predatory fish, bottom feeders. Where to find them: Less than 35 feet deep, near stream outlets, along shoals. Lake Michigan from Marinette to Kenosha.
@onesmile lol I love rainbow rolls! @mcgraffy I love rainbow trout too!
@fallingwater indeed, they often even got different names in different places
@mcgraffy ahhh I see, thanks!! ^^
These are found all over the world, right?
@onesmile you can ask whatever you'd like, hah. ive nevet tried it but i looked up that roll and its made of tuna, salmon and sea base. looks like the name comes from the idea of it looking like a rainbow, not being rainbow trout.
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