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Common name: White sucker, freshwater mullet (when sold), black mullet, common sucker, brook sucker. Native. ID: Single dorsal fin, no barbels, long cylinder body. Coarse scales. Similar to the long nose sucker (Catostmus catostomus), which has more fine scales. Very difficult to distinguish between the two unless both are in hand. Image 2 compares the two fish. Life cycle: Spawn among pebble and rock beds in lakes and river shallows during spring. Sexually mature between 5 and 9 years. Females live longer and larger than males. Up to 12-20" long, up to 17 years old. Feed on: aquatic plants, algae, small invertebrate animals like worms and crustaceans. Predators: Northern pike, muskellunge, bass, walleyes, burbot, sea lampreys. Where to find them: Shallow, warm waters. Around holes and windfalls in bays. Bottom feeders. Underused sport fish that tastes great cooked. The similar longnose sucker found at depths up to 600 feet in Lake Superior.
@happyrock for the most part people prefer to catch and keep white suckers
@mcgraffy got it, thanks!
You said its hard to distinguish between longnose and white suckers; is one favored over another by fishers? I.e. does one taste better?