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Common name: Channel catfish, catfish, river catfish, lady catfish. Native. ID: Two dorsal fins, one adipose. Slender body with speckled sides. Forked tail, barbels around mouth. Image 3 shows some differences with other catfish. Life cycle: Spawn late spring to early summer in holes underwater, in logs and rocks. Sexually mature by age 8 but can live to be 25 years old. Can weigh as much as 30 pounds. One female can lie up to 30,000 eggs. Feeds on: While young, insects, crayfish, other fish, tree seeds. Predators: Small catfish eaten by many other carnivorous fish. Where to find: Cooler, deeper, water with sand and gravel bottoms. Nocturnal, so hide among rocks and logs in day time. Best fished from dusk through night.
catfish are such hot catches among people here....I think a lot of the rivers around me have them but I'm not sure they're the same variety.
@happyrock I've seen channel but never Blue catfish before!
@happyrock there's quite a few catfish varieites; probably even more than we think there are
@fallingwater haha I think I might be in the opposite position