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Common name: Channel catfish, catfish, river catfish, lady catfish. Native. ID: Two dorsal fins, one adipose. Slender body with speckled sides. Forked tail, barbels around mouth. Image 3 shows some differences with other catfish. Life cycle: Spawn late spring to early summer in holes underwater, in logs and rocks. Sexually mature by age 8 but can live to be 25 years old. Can weigh as much as 30 pounds. One female can lie up to 30,000 eggs. Feeds on: While young, insects, crayfish, other fish, tree seeds. Predators: Small catfish eaten by many other carnivorous fish. Where to find: Cooler, deeper, water with sand and gravel bottoms. Nocturnal, so hide among rocks and logs in day time. Best fished from dusk through night.
@fallingwater haha I think I might be in the opposite position
@happyrock there's quite a few catfish varieites; probably even more than we think there are
@happyrock I've seen channel but never Blue catfish before!
catfish are such hot catches among people here....I think a lot of the rivers around me have them but I'm not sure they're the same variety.