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Tomb of Khai Dinh, Hue

After that, people freely call two names: Thien Mu Pagoda and Linh Mu Pagoda. Enjoy the feeling of being immersed in a modern and luxurious space at a 5-star hotel in Hue with iVIVU. Hue sour shrimp paste has a very sour taste of shrimp, spicy chili flavor, along with many other spices, all combined to create a very unique flavor Prices depend on which boat tour you choose. Buying tickets for both Dai Noi and 3 mausoleum routes will be cheaper than buying retail tickets for each route. Buying tickets for both Dai Noi and 3 mausoleum routes will be cheaper than buying retail tickets at each stage of Lang Minh Mang peaceful after the green pine forests all year round; Tomb of Tu Duc is modest but stretches over a large area; or Dai Noi going all day without ceasing interesting things are the points you should not miss. Together with the Perfume River, Ngu Binh Mountain blends together to create the charming and charming beauty of Hue and has become a symbol of Hue nature for a long time Truong Tien Bridge Truong Tien Bridge (also known as Trang Tien Bridge) is located in the center of Hue city, and is one of the typical symbols of the ancient capital. The wooden frame consists of 80 iron wood pillars [2]. The storm in 1904 devastated the pagoda heavily The Hue people called this cake "delightful" to describe the joy of enjoying this specialty. Thai Hoa Palace Considered as a symbol of the power of the Nguyen Dynasty, this is the place where the Dynasties were celebrated twice a month (on the 1st and 15th of lunar calendar), Dang Quang ceremony, Van Tho ceremony, ceremony Quoc Khanh ... Quoc Tu Giam - Thua Thien Hue Historical Museum Admission fee: 30,000 VND / person and Highwire - explore 120 Inside the Imperial Citadel, there is Thai Hoa Palace, where the tide is set. ; the area of the shrines; and the Forbidden City - the living quarters of the king and the royal family. Lunch on Tour Da Nang Hue This building became a ruin after being burned in February, 1947. @Traveloka Khai Dinh Tomb Hue The statue on a shrine, cast in France by two French artisans and gilded by Hue artisans Tour Da Nang Hue at Da Nang Booking or Danang Tour