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Try to do this routine straight through for time! push yourself harder and keep working! ■ First Round! 50 jumping jacks/2:00 treadmill run ■ Second Round! 12 or 10 push ups/2:00 treadmill run ■ Third Round! 40 squats/1:00 tread mill run ■ Forth Round! 25 jumping jacks/1:00 treadmill run ■ Fifth Round! 12 to 10 push ups/40 sec treadmill run ■ Sixth Round! 20 squats/40 sec treadmill run ■ Seventh(Final) Round! 40 sec plank (right into a) mountain climber 40 sec. Done!! now go and enjoy the day :-) [More Information] - Superfoods that reduce your weight and maintain your body shape : http://www.vingle.net/posts/81840 - Yoga for weight loss morning and evening exercise! http://www.vingle.net/posts/83864
I don't have a tread mill and the weather sucks so I did everything else in about 10 minutes it wasn't that hard but I'm out of breath
I agree with ashley87 on this one...
I think this was meant to be repeated 3 times. I just went as fast as I could and it was just over 12 minutes. Repeating 3 times sounds about right to get to around 1000 calories/40 minutes.
I just did this workout and got a decent sweat going for me (especially after the mountain climbers at the end). I don't have access to a treadmill so I substituted jumprope and I spaced out and ended up doing lunges instead of squats. It took me about 20 minutes total while taking a few breaks here and there for water and catching my breath. I looked online at all the exercises and tried to calculate how many calories this burned and since I weigh about 150 lbs I calculated over 400 calories get burned (The jumping jacks burn the most at about 3 calories per jump). So I agree with the comments to do this a few times.
I will die if I've done these things in one day..
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